Feb 022012
Dirt Trackin'

  Between 1978 and 1982, within the landscape shown of the backstretch of Colorado National Speedway in the picture to the right, I experienced four life events I will never forget. The first of those events occurred near the pit tower shown close to the left side of the picture. This is where a fellow driver […]

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Sep 202011
The Five Minute Ceiling Fan Project

Not so long ago during the hot – hot summer I was made aware of two different sets of young couples living in Denver that took on the task of installing ceiling fans in their homes. Now that is not all that newsworthy of a thing to find out about and I here confess that I […]

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Apr 292010
Keith Wright and The Mississippi River Part I

1965 and 1966 often found me as a backseat passenger in a Ford Station Wagon traveling through and all around the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. At the time I was employed as a Rodman for a survey crew operated by Southern Natural Gas Company headquartered in Birmingham Alabama. Interstate Highway construction was […]

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Apr 282010
Keith Wright And The Mississippi River Part II

Repeated from part I: I distinctly heard Tom say: “There you are big boy, I hope you’re a good swimmer.” Keith responded, “Not really, I can dog-paddle alright but I’ve actually never swam much at all.” With that he kicked off his boots, stripped off his socks and tee shirt, waded into the shallow water […]

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