Aug 192012
A Memorable Race in South Dakota

Sometime during the summer of 1979 several Colorado sprint car regulars, myself included, towed up to Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our purpose for doing so was to participate in a special open wheel event held there, for sprint car racing was not regularly done at that track at that time. I […]

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Jun 272012
Once Upon A Railroad

It seems that everything to do with railroading is dangerous in some way or other. Surely the occupations of locomotive engineers, brakemen, track-men, or any of the other lines of work having to do with the rolling stock or maintenance of the rails upon which trains run are among the most dangerous of all occupations. […]

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Jun 192012
A Story About Thomas

Thomas’ 2nd Grade Picture Sometime ago as I was going about my life in what I suppose was an average way, I answered an incoming call on my cell phone. Upon flipping the phone open I noticed the call was from area code 205. To me, an out-of-state Alabama area code. Now there was nothing […]

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Jun 022012
Rusty's Motorcycle

During the summer of 1957 life through my then thirteen year old eyes was good in my hometown of Marion Alabama. “Ike” Eisenhower was President, the Korean War had settled into a stalemate and the Vietnam War had not yet begun. Life in Marion at that time was not too far removed from the way […]

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